Tips For A Stress Free Trip

Traveling is a time for leisure and we would want it to be hassle free. This is our time to relax and break free from the problems that may have been bothering us. This is the time for us to re-energize and refresh ourselves. Even the seasoned traveler, in one way or another, has encountered problems like losing wallets or having them stolen. I cannot assure you that you wouldn’t encounter any vacation trip problems but by planning and being well prepared you can achieve to having that stress free vacation.

I guess one of the major concerns in traveling would actually be your pocket or travel money. Without money how would you pay for your expenses let alone purchase a souvenir. It is important that you safely secure your money, budget it wisely and avoid overspending to prevent any future problems.

Most travelers store their money, valuables and passports in pouches specifically designed for travel purposes. This is a very good alternative to the traditional wallet for these pouches are fastened or draped around your neck or around your waist beneath your clothes so as not to be visible to potential pick pockets.


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It is advisable that you do not bring with you too much cash and instead opt to utilize your credit card in making payments for accommodation, food, and other purchases. If it is necessary for you to bring such an amount of cash, I suggest that you carry just enough for what you need during the day and stash the rest of your cash in the hotel vault for security.

Do not put all your money in one location. If possible, spread them out so that in case you lose some from theft, you still have money to last the trip. You can also put in this extra wallet other credit cards and ATM cards for untoward incidents. Having an extra wallet stored in your suitcase or travel bag would be ideal.

When you will be gone for a long vacation, inform your relatives and friends of your itinerary so that they will be aware of how and where to contact you in case of emergencies. Always keep at home a photocopy of your passport, important documents and identification papers.

If you take certain medications, make sure that you bring along with you enough to last you for the entire trip to avoid the hassle of buying the medicines elsewhere. There might be the possibility that their pharmacies don’t carry the medicine you may need.

With careful planning, you are not far from having a great vacation.

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