Learn if You are Predisposed to Anxiety-Related Diseases

Anxiety has been the subject of many studies and researches, scientists are agreed that anxiety is still not fully understood even today. However, as a result of their researches, they have been able to help people effectively manage and avoid anxiety.

The first step to managing or treating anxiety is the recognition that one suffers from such attacks early on. However, it does not suffice to just say that you suffer from such a condition for it to qualify as such. While there are symptoms and signs the point to this ailment, you can also take this quick stress test to see whether you are at risk of suffering from chronic bouts of anxiety.

The Anxiety Stress Test
This stress test will help you find out whether you exhibit the symptoms of an anxiety-prone person. The more questions to you answer yes to, the greater the chance you will suffer from anxiety-related illnesses.


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1. Do you feel irritable all of a sudden, even without reason or provocation? Most life experiences evoke differing amounts of anxiety. However, does anxiety becomes for you a chronic and even uncontrollable experience? Also, do you suddenly experience feeling terribly anxious for no reason at all?

2. If you were to describe how often you feel irritated, would you say it was often? Do you wake up grumpy or irritated? Are you always tired even after just waking?

3. Do you feel paranoid all the time? Are you always suspicious that people are talking about you? Do you have a low sense of trust for anyone?

4. Do you exhibit any repetitive, obsessive behavior? Ask yourself if you catch yourself counting tiles, wringing your hands often, biting your lips, washing your hands or uncontrollable mannerism.

5. Do you always feel guilty? Are you weighed down by guilt? Do you fell troubled often either because you had done something you regret or for no reason at all?

6. Do you have low self-esteem? Are you unsatisfied with who you are and find yourself wanting to be like other people instead? Do you feel helpless, unwanted, and useless to other people? Do you often wonder if people like you or if they even know that you exist?

7. Do you have suicidal thoughts? Are you lonely, thinking that life does not matter anymore and that the best way to go is to let go and end it all?


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8. Are you sometimes breathless? Do you experience such physical manifestations of anxiety such as palpitations, wet or clammy hands, butterflies in the stomach, and others? Does a particularly stressing situation cause you to be paralyzed with fear and hard of breath?

9. Do you drink or take drugs? Do you smoke, drink alcohol or coffee, take drugs or any other mood altering substance?

10. Have you noticed a change in you diet? Are you able to eat regularly? Have you noticed an increase in the amount of food you eat, a change in the schedule of your eating?

11. Do you overwork yourself? Do you catch yourself working overtime, or working more, and accomplishing less? Do you pull all-nighter after all-nighter?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you will want to seek professional help regarding depression and anxiety. You do not have to be ashamed of your situation; it is an illness like most illnesses, with specific causes and cures. A qualified professional will help you find emotional and physical support to combat your anxiety.


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