Is Your Work Stressing You? Test Yourself

All of us who are working to earn our living face some stress in our work life. Many of us face more stress than we can cope up with. But sometimes we don’t realize that. The stressed life becomes a routine, and we don’t bother to check if we are under more than acceptable stress. Can tests and quizzes help us find out the true state of affairs? Let us find out.

Let me talk about few quizzes that you can take to understand your work life and stress better. For example quizzes that are titled – Are you stressed? Are you a work slave? Do you believe in fun at work?

Are you living a tense life? Are you burning out yourself? Are you fighting stresses in the right way? And Are you a good time manager? Will all tell us something about our mental state? How do these quizzes and tests help us?


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No test or quiz can be precise. No body can tell us precisely about our mental state. It is not measurable. But a quiz raises questions. It wants us to answer many questions. That makes us think about the answers. This is like somebody interviewing us and making us think of the answer.

The thought process that begins in our mind is a great tool for self-improvement. Once we realize that we might be facing more stresses or that we are nearing a burn out, we will take care.

Let us all remember that the world is going forward at a great speed.

In this information age, people to people contact is getting reduced. This makes us more vulnerable. Earlier colleagues used to be more vigilant about other co-workers. Today, everyone is over loaded. Tests and quizzes are therefore a good way to self analyze and decide the course of action. Stresses are harmful. If we can use any tool that can help us, we should try. Use tests and quizzes to find out if you are stressed and try to live a long and healthy life.


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